This Special video Eden and Vixen fight each other and Calitrax in a televised 3-Way battle. The ladies have been endowed with super-powers to aid them, but will it be enough to take the win? Either way, we guarantee crazy action!


A dark force is on the rise and has rounded up most of the remaining

Kandy Girls... but not all.




After years of victory and causing the imprisonment of Hit-Woman, AJ is ambushed when undercover and finally captured by two stronger women. Diva searches for her.





Could the fightback be on? AJ has escaped and now strings are being pulled to bring down Hit-Woman, but it won't be easy...






AJ finds herself on the end of a defeat for the first time and being held by the enemy. Can she find a way to save herself?




One disgruntled Henchman has been taking beatings from the Kandy Girls for years. 'The Hit List' is his revenge...

and he isn't alone.





HI-KIX was first on the list and first to encounter the mighty 'Hit Woman' employed by the male henchman. Was she ready for the blonde powerhouse?


VIXEN was #2 on the Hit List. The henchman called her to the ring but when she arrived Hit Woman was waiting. Could the strongest Kandy match the mighty Hit Woman?


SILVER was Hit Woman's personal pick as she began to think beyond the list to future domination. Silver was asked to join Hit Woman or be destroyed. What did she choose?


AJ - Unofficial leader
of the Kandy Girls - flew
in on a rescue mission. The Kandy the henchman most wanted to defeat. Will AJ make the same mistakes as her team mates?


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