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AJ returns to action and aims to defeat Soren while Hit-Woman is distracted by 'Project: Revenge'. Time is short.

AJ was once unbeatable, taking on all-comers with a smile and a witty one-liner. That was until she met Hit-Woman, a super-strong Amazon who decimated her in the ring. After that she was captured and mind-controlled by Soren Silverback and made to feel defeat after defeat until she was able to break the spell and escape. Since then she has been training. Honing her skills for revenge and using her Kandy Girl team-mates to capture Hit-Woman's guards and distract her personally. Now AJ strikes! She attacks Soren and aims to defeat him before Hit-Woman returns to base. The only problem being that AJ hasn't quite removed all of Soren's mind control words. The delay this causes could mean the end of 'Project: Revenge' and AJ herself!


RUNNING TIME: 12:05  PRICE: $15.95



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