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AJ is now under enemy control and being rented out by previous enemies. Can she find a way out?

AJ has been a captive for several months and the combination of druggings and brainwashing techniques have taken their toll. We find her in a zombie-like state with her mind and actions being controlled by safe words. Soren is using her weakness to make a fortune effectively whoring her out to fight previous enemies and anyone with designs against the once unbeatable AJ. The safe words give them the power to make her fight back or give up, or simply stand in a trance awaiting further orders. Legions of villains have had their way with AJ hundreds of times. Every kind of scum imaginable has toyed with and humiliated her. All looks to be lost. However, when an old face returns to fight her but seems to jog her memory enough to weaken the power of the mind control. Will she be able to take an opportunity to fight her way out of her own personal hell? Find out now...


RUNNING TIME: 11:57  PRICE: $15.95



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