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New Dawn want to know if Eden is with them, or against them... It turns out they have A LOT against them.

Eden is involved in an interrogation by New Dawn villains Cain and Serpent as they try to ascertain how Vixen slipped through her fingers. With her loyalty in question and life in danger Eden tries to maintain her story, but the bad guys aren't buying it. The two of them go to work on Eden who fights back hard but is overcome by the double-team. The slim Eden is easy fodder for a maniac looking to crush her in a bearhug, or simply squeeze the life out of her in other ways. Eden looks helpless when Sienna arrives.

This new recruit in classic shiny black catsuit is ready to prove herself, but it won't be easy. As the fight splits heavy blows are dealt on both sides. Will the Kandy's escape New Dawn's clutches? Or will they be taken away for a doubly harsh interrogation? Find out now!

RUNNING TIME: 12:33  PRICE: $16.95



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