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AJ and 'Project: Revenge' look to have failed. Can Hit Woman break AJ's will and make her give up her friends?

After being knocked unconscious by Hit Woman in a sneak attack, AJ wakes to find herself chained up with little hope of escape. Hit Woman, sensing ultimate victory, just needs to know the whereabouts of remaining Kandy Girl's to put Project Revenge down once and for all. She uses her torturous electric glove to get the information but AJ is tough and Hit Woman would rather do things the old-fashioned way.


Releasing AJ from her bondage, the two fight brutally. AJ's training has helped her, but Hit Woman is still mightily strong, and with Soren to help her it could be the end of the road for AJ and the Kandy Girls.


RUNNING TIME: 10:21  PRICE: $14.95



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