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The voluptuous Diva wants to get Silver's money back from Hit-Woman. She doesn't want to give it. They fight.

We join a silver-catsuited Diva on the phone to somebody about her job for today, ie: Fighting Hit-Woman. The Blonde Amazon arrives and Diva tells her she has been sent by Silver to win her money back from Hit-Woman who is amused by Silver's cowardice and Diva's misplaced bravery. Diva informs her that the only way to win is to make her verbally quit or tap out, it doesn't matter how many KO's there are. The fight starts and Immediately Diva's gymnastics cause Hit-Woman problems, back-flips and somersaults with a sting in the tail. But Hit-Woman is tough, and clenches the busty Diva in a bearhug. The tide turns and the brutal blonde turns up the pain with hard hits, holds, and bodyslams. Several KO's later and Diva still hasn't quit. Will Hit-Woman land the finishing move? Can Diva get a shock victory? Find out now...


RUNNING TIME: 16:13  PRICE: $22.95



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