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Vixen cannot believe the henchman beat Hi-Kix alone. She is right.

The henchman manages to get a message to Vixen via a comms link and tells her about his defeat of Hi-Kix, he also calls her to the ring for a fight too. When she arrives she finds the henchman standing in the ring with Hit Woman, confirming her suspicions that the henchman could never defeat Hi-Kix on his own. After a quick de-booting, Vixen gets into the ring ready to take on both enemies. Hit Woman steps forward, keen to see if Vixen is as strong as her. Vixen throws a succession of stomach punches to Hit Woman but to her surprise they are all ineffective. Hit Woman wants a test of strength next and there is no doubt who the strongest is after that. Vixen is shamed by Hit Woman and like Hi-Kix before her slumps to a crushing defeat, with the dastardly henchman helping things along.


RUNNING TIME: 17:07  PRICE: $25.95


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