The one-time leader of the Kandy Girls got into a lot of trouble in Kandy Crisis!

The Kandy Girl legend AJ was drawn into the crisis when she learned of a plot being carried out by a disgruntled ex-henchman, who used all of his resources to get revenge on the Kandy Girls.

Hiring the powerful Hit-Woman for the job, AJ flew in from the US to deal with him. Unfortunately she under-estimated Hit-Woman's power and took the beating of her life! Hit-Woman went into business for herself and kidnapped AJ, where she was hypnotised and used by all kinds of villains who wanted their revenge over her.

Bravely AJ found a way to foil Hit-Woman's plan and bring her to justice. However, from prison the ultimate bad girl got two of her dangerous lieutenants to infiltrate one of AJ's missions and defeat her in front of a televised audience. They carried AJ away and she hasn't been seen since...