Diva came to find AJ, but got a lot more than she bargained for!

After the kidnap of AJ by Hit-Woman, and the earlier defeats of other Kandy Girls, Diva was dispatched to find AJ and rescue her. The mission led her to a wrestling ring on the wrong side of town and a date with Hit-Woman. Diva informs the villainess that she was sent by Silver in an effort to win back her money. Hit-Woman can't resist. Sadly for Diva she is heavily out-classed in this one and her mission ends in defeat.

After AJ's televised defeat, Diva takes up the cause again however, and infiltrates the fight series in which AJ was captured. She must fight various vicious foes to get the information she seeks, each time in a different and alluring costume. It's harder than it looks as Diva is regularly pinned in the ring, but perhaps some backstage moves will get her the answers she needs?