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AJ thinks she has won, but her enemies have one more roll of the dice. A 2 v 1 with defeat unthinkable.

AJ believes Hit-Woman is defeated and has moved on to her next important mission... To bring down a dictatorship by rigging the betting of a prize-fighting contest as 'The Blonde Bayonet'. Little does she know the Dictator, a twisted admirer of hers, is also one step ahead and sends two giant and fiercely strong females to fight her on TV. Most KO's or submissions in the time limit to win. AJ's skills are tested first by 'Helena' who will happily strike AJ's most sensitive areas to gain the upper hand, then AJ gets overpowered and 'woman-handled' by the muscular 'Etna', who enjoys inflicting pain on the busty blonde. Etna easily lifts, carries, and KO's the hapless Kandy Girl multiple times in a show of dominance. Stakes couldn't be higher: Victory will see a successful mission... Defeat means AJ becomes a slave to the frenzied fantasies and desires of a deviant Dictator. What will AJ's fate be?

RUNNING TIME: 23:49  PRICE: $29.95



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