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Diva is trying to find AJ, but the only way to get answers, is to ask questions in the middle of a fight!

AJ took on the undercover role of the 'Blonde Bayonet' to bring down a corrupt government, but her cover was blown and she was heavily defeated by 2 stronger women. They took her away and now Diva wants to find out where so that she can make a rescue. Posing as a journalist, Diva uses a source known only as 'Deep Pocket' who has information about what happened to AJ. But to get more information, Diva must question deadly combatants in a fight series. Since they won't talk to journalists, she must fight them undercover, asking questions during the fight. Assuming the gimmick of 'Cosplay-Girl' Diva arrives at each fight dressed as a famous heroine, to fool the other fighters into thinking she is legitimate. Now all she's got to do is get the information she needs before she gets knocked out!

RUNNING TIME: 12:00  PRICE: $16.95



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