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Super-Eden & Super-Vixen try to stop a Galactic Invasion, but a green crystal suggests otherwise...

Earth has been invaded by two very mean looking bad guys from 'The League of Andromeda', an evil faction running a neighbouring galaxy. It sounds like they are aware of the power of Super-Vixen and Super-Eden however, as they bring with them a large green crystal in order to weaken and capture the Super-Kandys.

The ladies arrive and assume their dominance, super-breath sends the bad guys to the floor but when the crystal is produced the battle is far more even. This results in chained Kandy Girls and a stomach pummelling as well as other woman-handling. Can our Super-Kandys find a way to be rid of the green crystal and regain their superiority? Or will they be KO'd and taken to Andromeda where they will serve their new masters? Find out now...

RUNNING TIME: 11:24  PRICE: $15.95



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