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Hit Woman needs a sidekick, Silver doesn't want the job. Hit Woman punishes her.

Behind the henchman's back, Hit Woman has arranged a meeting in the ring with the occasionally 'Bad-Ass' Silver. She tells her to bring her money and Silver expects a good old-fashioned 'winner takes all' fight. However, Hit Woman offers Silver the chance to join her, as a subordinate of sorts, and to help her finish off the Kandy Girls. Silver is not impressed, and neither is the henchman when he arrives to question Hit Woman about this unilateral move. Silver takes the opportunity to attack and get the jump on Hit Woman, but her over confidence gets the better of her and soon she is making bets with Hit Woman in a 'Knock-Outs Match'. It looks like Silver has been hustled all along and she falls for it hook, line, and sinker, begging after each defeat for a chance to win her money back. For Hit Woman it has been an exercise in making money.


RUNNING TIME: 22:39  PRICE: $25.95



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