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The original Kandy Girl was the first to fall into the Crisis!

Hi-Kix was the first Kandy Girl to fall for the disgruntled ex-henchman's plan. He called her out for a re-match to avenge previous beatings. Hi-Kix was only too happy to take up the challenge and started laying into the fool, only for the trap to be sprung when Hit-Woman entered the fray. Hi-Kix had never known difficulty in fighting but Hit-Woman was beyond belief as the Kandy Girl was absolutely crushed in the ring and proved to the ex-henchman that his 'Hit List' plan was going to work.

Some time later, Hi-Kix would take part in 'Project Revenge' as she, Vixen, and AJ set out to take down Hit-Woman and her lieutenants. In a very difficult 2 v 2 fight, Hi-Kix proved herself once again, and although she'd not defeated Hit-Woman personally, she'd played a part in her downfall.


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