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Diva is starting to get the answers she needs to AJ's kidnapping, but has she been part of the game?

After taking her informer 'Deep Pocket's advice, Diva got information from Sister Fate during a loss, and Captain Crime during a victory in the ring. Now she faces the secretive 'Jimmy Quiet' who knows the next step in AJ's transportation to who-knows-where. Trouble is, Jimmy is both quiet by name and nature and a dangerous fighter to boot. Diva gains the upper hand but her questions allow Jimmy back in to do her serious harm... it takes a backstage brawl as Supergirl to get what she needs. Lastly, she must fight 'The Champ', who knows her to be a Kandy Girl. He is the Champ for a reason and pummels Diva in her Wonder Woman outfit mercilessly... But Diva is Kandy Girl through and through, she won't quit... or will she? Find out now!

RUNNING TIME: 19:51  PRICE: $25.95



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