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A 3-Way Televised Fight between Eden, Vixen, and Calitrax for supremacy!

We hit the 'Crazy' switch in this Special as Eden & Vixen take part in the televised madness of 'Triple-Threat-Hyper-Beatdown'. The rules are simple, use violence to defeat your two enemies in a crowded room. All simple to understand, but who will win? First off we have Calitrax from the League of Andromeda. His strength is a legend, his skills conquer all, but will that include the Kandy Girls? Vixen has been given a mind control power to even the score, and Eden has been endowed with a power drain which could prove useful.

Once the battle starts it is clear that the girls have no loyalty to each other and each is desperate to win. Perhaps Calitrax will be able to capitalise on that? Find out who wins NOW...

RUNNING TIME: 7:18  PRICE: $9.95



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