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The Kandy leader jets in to save the day... but the only ass getting kicked is hers.

AJ is the de facto Kandy leader, and the final name on the henchman's Hit List. He is so desperate to beat her he even makes an attempt at doing it himself, but is quickly reminded of AJ's superior fighting skill. Enter Hit Woman, who appears to relish the fight. AJ is intrigued, did this lady really defeat her Kandy team-mates? After a brief flourish AJ makes the mistake of giving Hit Woman a free punch, something she soon regrets when hammered to the canvas. From this point AJ is humiliated as the unrelenting Hit Woman gives her a lesson in ring craft. AJ's complacency costs her dear as the far more powerful woman uses her as little more than target practice, multiple embarrassing KO's reducing AJ to 'jobber' status. A shocked AJ can't believe what is happening to her as Hit Woman does as she pleases with the deluded Kandy leader. In the end AJ's undefeated record is in tatters and she hasn't the will to fight on, submitting to Hit Woman who takes her away into a dark future.


RUNNING TIME: 19:48  PRICE: $25.95



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