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Hi-Kix meets Hit Woman. Only one of them can win.

A henchman who has taken beatings from the Kandy Girls for years plots his revenge in 'The Hit List'. Rather than take them on once again and fail, he's used his life savings to hire a brutal mercenary to destroy the Kandy Girls for him one-by-one. His Hit Woman's first test is against the mighty Hi-Kix, probably the Kandy who has dished out the most beatings to the henchman over the years. He entices Hi-Kix to the ring by calling her out. Believing she is to fight him she sets to work but is interrupted by the arrival of the towering Hit Woman. It seems Hi-Kix has let her training slip in the face of little competition as Hit Woman decimates her from first to last, culminating in her being carried away to be deposited in a dumpster. Will this be the fate for all the Kandy Girls on 'The Hit List'?


RUNNING TIME: 18:15  PRICE: $25.95



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