Vixen knows no fear, but perhaps a little would have gone a long way...

Vixen was second on the Hit-List and unfortunately fell right into the trap. Believing her own hype proved her downfall as Hit-Woman wiped the mat with her over a day of pain and misery ending in a trip to a dumpster.

Determined to fight back, she launched 'Project Revenge' with AJ and Hi-Kix and played her part in taking down the Hit-Woman Empire in a manic team up with Kix.

Things didn't remain triumphant however when shady organisation 'New Dawn' kidnapped her in an effort to use her as bait to assassinate Kandy Man, thankfully Vixen was rescued by an undercover Eden, with whom she would later team in a super-heroic adventure against two nasty thugs. There's always action when Vixen is around, and you never know which way things are going to go!