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Wonder-Diva heads to the ring confident of victory, but any fight with Sister Fate won't be easy...

The tightly corseted and generally stunning Wonder-Diva makes her way to the ring confident of victory. Her opponent is Sister Fate, an angry looking woman who isn't fazed by Wonder-Diva's strength and confidence and vows to defeat her.

The fight starts strongly for our heroine but Sister Fate has a plan, hidden under the ring is a chain made from the rare element 'Masculum', a substance toxic to Amazons. Wonder-Diva is weakened and sent sprawling to the canvas by Sister Fate's fist wrapped in the chain. When Wonder-Diva wakes she has been chained and collared, giving Sister Fate free reign to dominate her. Will Wonder-Diva ever be wonderful again?

RUNNING TIME: 8:11  PRICE: $12.95



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