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A simple mission turns deadly for Agent Arya versus 2 Rogue Agents!

Agent Arya is given a mission to bring in or terminate a rogue agent who fell in love with his target. This will not be tolerated and time is of the essence as he tries to get her to safety. Arya intercepts and demands information on the target's whereabouts, it is not forthcoming. A fight ensues and the Kandy Girl shows her might by taking the rogue agent to his knees, unfortunately for her, he has help. A clone of of the agency CEO is working with the rogue agent, and he plans to show no mercy to Arya. Now fighting in a 2 v 1 situation, things get on top of Arya as the blows rain down. The clone CEO has no qualms about killing her if it means the two rogue's get away. Her death would certainly be inconvenient for the agency. After a heavy slugfest and crush, can Arya survive? Or will this love story end up killing her? 

RUNNING TIME: 11:15  PRICE: $14.95



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