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Hi-Kix & Vixen join forces to take down two of Hit-Woman's bodyguards with KO darts and Chloroform. Will it work?

After sound individual beatings from Hit-Woman both Hi-Kix and Vixen had to come up with a new way of stopping the mighty villainess. They now plan with a newly free AJ to take down Hit-Woman's support network in 'Project Revenge'. The two Kandy Girls call out Helena (a 6ft+ amazon) and Everest (As strong as Hit-Woman herself) to come and fight them. The Kandy's are prepared with KO darts, Chloroform and more to win the day. The battle starts and early on Kix finds that crowbars are no match for Everest who bends it with ease and dazes her before taking on Vixen while Helena deals with KIx. It's clear the baddies have a strength advantage and even end up using the Kandy Girl's own weapons against them. After various KO's can the Kandy's still get the win? Find out now...


RUNNING TIME: 18:38  PRICE: $25.95



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