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AJ wakes up from her first defeat tied to a chair with a big guard looming, will it be business as usual?

AJ was last seen being physically humiliated at the hands of Hit-Woman, now some time later she wakes up and finds herself tied to a chair. She cannot remember how she got there but is convinced it must be her own brilliant planning. A large guard named Soren Silverback arrives and tells AJ that he's been "teaching her new skills", since she cannot remember any of this AJ doubts him in cutting fashion. Soren unties her but soon rues this decision as the Kandy Girl unleashes a torrent of painful attacks about his person, showing herself to be the female boss. However, something is amiss and when Soren utters the word 'MANOLO' it seems AJ no longer has the ability to follow through with her attacks. Soren takes this opportunity to fight back and dominate AJ. How did things get like this? And can AJ free herself? Find out now...


RUNNING TIME: 12:46  PRICE: $15.95



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