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The Kandy Girls are on their knees as 'New Dawn' rises. Can Vixen withstand a final interrogation?

In the time we've been away things have gone south for the Kandy Girls. Diva's efforts to find AJ may have worked initially, but 'New Dawn', the organisation set up to replace the Kandy's, was one step ahead. With Diva, AJ, and now Vixen all captured only Hi-Kix remains on the run. That's too bad for Vixen and the others as they now face heavy interrogation from New Dawn operatives to give up their friend. Chained up in a safe-house for weeks, her ribs crushed by various attackers, Vixen should be ripe for talking. However her Kandy Girl quips still suggest there is much resolve left in her. Perhaps it needs a woman's touch? New Dawn operative 'Eden' arrives to take control. Can Vixen resist? Find out now!

RUNNING TIME: 12:55  PRICE: $16.95



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