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Wonder-Sienna and Super-Eden think they've got an easy win... that's until the Masculum chains appear!

Wonder-Sienna and Super-Eden have been lured to an old house where Sienna expects to find the villains of the League of Andromeda. She isn't disappointed when they show and the fight starts. Everything appears to be going well for the Super-Kandy's as they beat down their male foes, but when Masculum chains are produced the tables turn. The 'Maxium' element has been added to make them even more potent and both Sienna and Eden are rendered helpless. Eden is cruelly bearhugged senseless and Sienna is really worked over by both villains. Their wicked plan is to take both Kandy's back to Andromeda where they will be used for nefarious purposes.

However, perhaps the bad guys have under-estimated Super-Kandy power? Who will win this encounter?

RUNNING TIME: 11:46  PRICE: $15.95



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